Bendis Discusses USM #2 at CBR!

Brian Bendis has provided his “commentary track” for ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #2, courtesy of CBR.  Click the LINK to check it out!

Speaking of Miles’ powers and abilities:

"I think his [Miles] strength and agility are the same as Peter’s and he has a bit of a spider-sense, but not as a strong. We’re trying to lock down our rules about the spider-sense."

"There are two powers that are different, both of which you see in this issue. One is the spider-sting. It’s a little similar to the venom blast of the Marvel Universe’s Spider-Woman, but it’s different."

"His other new power is camouflage. He’s not turning invisible. He’s camouflaging himself to his surroundings."

About Miles’ costume and his supporting cast:

"A lot of people want to know how he goes from his crappy costume in "Ultimate Comics Fallout" #4 to the super cool costume that’s on the cover of the book. You’re going to find out all of this. You’re going to see how Peter’s life and death affect him directly and see what his role in all of it is. You’re going to see Gwen Stacy. You’re going to see Aunt May. You’re going to see Peter. You’re going to see them in different and surprising ways. You’re going to see how Miles interwove himself into the end of Peter’s life and you’re going to find out how and where he gets the costume from. Plus you’ll see Spider-Woman’s response to the news of the new Spider-Man."


Check out the full interview in the link above.  This is shaping up to be a fantastic series and Bendis seems very excited to be writing it.

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Ultimate Re-Cap!

Here are my copies of this week’s Ultimate offerings:

Heartbreaking.  If you’re a fan of the Ultimate version of Thor, then that’s all I can say about the second issue of Jonathan Hickman’s THE ULTIMATES. 

We learned that the offspring of Thor is named MODI…

…whom, to protect from an attack on Asgard by the “Children of Tomorrow”, must be sent to the “Room With No Doors”:

We see Thor apparently whispering or placing a command to Mjonir, just before leaving the mighty hammer with Modi. 

These events explain the teaser Marvel released for issue #3 showing Tony with the awesome axe/hammer and belt harness:

Asgard has fallen, Thor is despondent, Tony is back in action.  I cannot wait for THE ULTIMATES #3.  This (along with Grant Morrison’s ACTION COMICS) is easily my favorite comic series at the moment.

Over in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2, we see that Miles can not only camouflage himself, but can deliver a “venom sting.”  (Peter could never do that.) He fears that he’s a mutant.

Also, we meet Miles’ buddy, Ganke:

How do you say that chubby kid’s name anyway?  Gonk?  Gank?  Gonkey? 

Next, Miles dad reveals that he did some jail time as a youth.

Ganke texts a link showing Miles that he’s another “Spider-Man”, not a mutant. 

Miles sticks to walls.

Both comics were enjoyable, with the huge edge going to THE ULTIMATES #2.  An epic issue where a lot has seemingly happened.  A sharp contrast to Brian Bendis’ decompressed storytelling in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2.

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

CBR’s X-Position Interviews Nick Spencer has posted an interview with Ultimate X-Men writer Nick Spencer.  Lots of good information.  Click the link and check it out!

"It’s the biggest cast I’ve ever worked with — anyone who’s a mutant in the Ultimate Universe will play a role here — and it all dovetails nicely with Jon [Hickman]’s plans in "Ultimates" and Brian’s plans for ["Ultimate Comics] Spider-Man." ~Nick Spencer, CBR Interview

“We’re going to find just what he’s [Quicksilver] been up to since “Ultimatum” in “Ultimate Comics X-Men” #7, but before that, something happens that will shake him to his absolute core — something so big and so horrific, it will haunt him for the rest of his life. Pietro is possibly my favorite member of the cast to write. He’s such a rich, multi-faceted character to work with; I really think you’re gonna dig where his story goes from here.” ~Nick Spencer, CBR Interview

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Then and Now

It’s been a long time since Marvel first starting publishing their “Ultimate” line of comics.  To commemorate the relaunch of Ultimate Comics, here are side-by-side comparisons of the first issues of each the ongoing series: Spider-Man, X-Men, and The Ultimates!

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (October 2000) and Ultimate Comics: “All-New” Spider-Man (September 2011):

Ultimate X-Men #1 (February 2001) and Ultimate Comics: X-Men #1 (September 2011):

The Ultimates #1 (March 2002) and Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #1 (August 2011):

These comics are from my personal collection.  I’ve been reading—and enjoying—the Marvel Ultimate Universe for over a decade now and the books are showing no signs of stopping.  Here’s to another 10 years, Ultimate Marvel!

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

The New DD, Gone Too Quickly…

Such a shame that the kid who became the new Ultimate Daredevil, Ray Connor, was killed so soon in the pages of ULTIMATE AVENGERS…

I would’ve loved to have seen this kid team up with the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales…

…It would’ve been something special.  Alas, it was not to be.  So long, Ray Connor, we hardly got the chance to know you.

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Photo Hunt - Ultimate Edition

Here are the two versions of Bryan Hitch’s variant cover to Marvel’s ULTIMATE AVENGERS VS. NEW ULTIMATES #1.  Can you spot the major difference?

It’s the two Mjonirs, of course!  Long live the axe/hammer version, which will make its return in THE ULTIMATES #3 this October!

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Ultimate Comics for 9/28!

Don’t forget! Scheduled to be released this Wednesday, September 28th are THE ULTIMATES #2…

…and the “All-New” ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2! 

If you haven’t read Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics in a long time—or are a fan of Marvel Films and curious to check out the comics that inspired them—now is the time to do it!  Marvel is creating some quality stuff with this line of books. 

(THE ULTIMATES #1 and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 are also readily available at a comic book store near you!)

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Toy Soldier

This was too cool to pass up.  I found this at Target today.  From Hasbro’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER toy line, here is the World War 2 version of Steve Rogers from THE ULTIMATES!

I know there was an Ultimate Iron Man figure released as part of the IRON MAN 2 toyline, but does anyone know if there was ever an Ultimate Thor figure released as part of the THOR movie line?

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Ultimate Comics - December 2011 Solicits!

It’s the time again.  The sneak peaks for December’s Ultimate Universe comic books are here!  We’re getting double-doses of Spider-Man and X-Men this month.

(Special thanks to Newsarama!)

Pencils by SARA PICHELLI (#5) & CHRIS SAMNEE (#6)
• Miles’ journey to becoming Spider-Man continues!
• Will Miles live up to Peter Parker’s legacy?
• A mysterious figure from Peter Parker’s past returns!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Issue #5 Cover:


• Tomorrow’s Children are in control!
• All hope looks lost for Thor and the Ultimates!
• The Children’s creator has revealed his sinister connection to the Ultimate Universe!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


• Stryker’s back in a bad way!
• Our heroes must assemble to put an end to Stryker’s evil plan!
• Is there a traitor amidst the new X-Men?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Issue #5 Cover: