Digital Bonus!

Thanks to Newsarama for the info!

Get out your iPads and Tablets, because starting in January, all three Marvel Ultimate Comics titles (The Ultimates #7, Ultimate Spider-Man #6, and Ultimate X-Men #7) will ship with codes that will allow the buyer to download the digital versions for FREE!  Very cool!

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Ultimate Thor Sale on Comixology

Heads up!  Comixology is now offering the excellent Ultimate Comics: Thor mini-series by Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco for digital download at just $.99/each! 

Download all four issues and you get the entire mini-series on your iPad or tablet device for a measly $3.96!  Awesome!

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Preview: Ultimate Spidey #4!

Miles tests his abilities and the “Death of Spider-Man” is revisited.

Ultimate Comics: “All-New” Spider-Man goes on sale this upcoming Wednesday, November 9th!

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Winter (Soldier) is Coming….

I know this isn’t related to THE ULTIMATES, but this was just too cool to ignore.  Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice (Captain America, Fear Itself 7.1) are re-teaming to bring you the ongoing adventures of Bucky Barnes as THE WINTER SOLDIER.  The book premieres this February with not one, but TWO issues!

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

The Ultimates #3 Preview!

"It’s time to hit something."

~Tony Stark, Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #3

Tony comes through for Thor.  The axe-hammer and tech harness are returning to the world of THE ULTIMATES.  Be sure to check out Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #3, in stores and available to download on 10/26!

NYCC: Ultimates Reborn Panel!

Earlier this afternoon, Marvel presented its “Ultimates Reborn” panel at the New York Comic Con.  Check the LINK for the full story.

Preview Cover art for Ultimate Spider-Man #6:

…and The Ultimates #6:

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The Avengers Trailer is Up!

Ultimate Spider-Man #3 Preview

Thanks to our good friends at CBR:

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #3 (along with Ultimate Comics: X-Men #3) will be available to buy this Wednesday, October 12th!

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

A Man Out of Time

From what I’ve been reading, Steve Rogers in the AVENGERS film will be somewhat stoic and brooding.  Sounds a lot like the Ultimate version of Captain America, doesn’t it?

~The Ultimates Fan Blog

Ultimately, Nick Fury

As a fan of THE ULTIMATES it always brings a smile to my face when I see Samuel L. Jackson playing the flesh and blood version of “Ultimate” Nick Fury. 

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